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A Language Partner is someone who is fluent in the language you’re learning and wants to learn your native language. Language partners help one another improve their languages.
🌟 Special Verbs of the Day 🌟 Specially designed for our awesome Italki students! Let's dive into today's verbs and enrich your vocabulary. Nurture 培养 (Péiyǎng) Obey 服从 (Fúcóng) Offer 提供 (Tígōng) Open 打开 (Dǎkāi) Operate 操作 (Cāozuò) 🚀 Ready to nurture your language skills? Today's special "N" and "O" verbs will help you open new doors, operate with confidence, and offer your best! 🔹 C(59) Quiz: Challenge yourself with our quiz and see how well you've mastered today’s verbs! 🔹 C(59) Vocabulary Flash Cards: Quick, fun, and effective for learning these essential verbs. 📅 Book a class with me on Italki and let’s nurture your path to fluency together! If you have questions or need extra guidance, I’m here to support you. Let’s make your language learning journey extraordinary! Happy learning! 🚀
"O" Verbs Special Poll. Do you like to "obey" orders?
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Hi, I'm looking for a language partner from Mexico or Latin America who is learning English (A1-C1). My English level is C1/C2, and I am learning Spanish at a B1/B2 level. I'm interested in 30-30 minutes language exchange Zoom meetings once a week (30 minutes for each language). I am available Monday-Friday at 9pm-10pm Mexico City time. I'd love to discuss one topic at a time—each of us can choose a topic. My Spanish topics are 1) Free time, 2) Transport, 3) Cinema, 4) Sport, 5) Internet, 6) Travelling, 7) Places, photos. You can choose any topic you'd like to discuss in English and send it to me before the meeting. We can both prepare questions for each other (you for me, I for you) and help each other with words and ideas. I can take notes in Google Docs if you need corrections after the meeting. Feel free to send me a message if you're interested
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