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To all italki teachers: You were yourself before you were a teacher. Let’s introduce more about your personal experiences and strengths to make the lessons clickable with your students!
Namaste! Here's Listening Challenge दिन - दुई (Day-2): तलको लिंकमा दिइएको भिडियो हेरेर उत्तर दिनुस्। तपाइले उत्तर कमेन्टमा वा italki inbox मा दिन सक्नु हुनेछ। म सबैको उत्तर हेर्नेछु। Translation: Watch the video given in the link below, and answer the questions in the comment section or italki inbox; I’ll check them. https://youtu.be/qG1ErX_tl6k?si=1Q97KqgMJfl_acVM यो भिडियोको संदेश के हो ? -Yo video ko sandesh ke ho? (What's the message of the video?) भिडियोको पहिलो डाइलोग के हो ? -Video ko pahilo dialogue ke ho? (What's the first dialogue in the video?)
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To Snap Up That's an informal idiom that means to quickly and eagerly acquire or purchase something, often because it's perceived as a good deal or because it is in high demand. When someone snaps up an item, they get it quickly before the others have had a chance to do that. It's about being quick, being decisive and taking advantage of an opportunity. Here's some examples. I saw a holiday yesterday on the internet, it had just been posted and I quickly snapped it up before anyone else saw it. The store announced a sale on electronics and customers quickly snapped up all the discounted televisions. As soon as the concert tickets went on sale, fans snapped them up within seconds. The fashion designer's new collection was highly anticipated and fashion enthusiasts were eager to snap up the latest trends. When the company announced a limited time promotion, customer’s scrambled to snap up the discounted products, before the offer expired. So, there we are... that's the phrase to snap up.
13 hours ago
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