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Kirill Makarov

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I am certified professional Russian language teacher for adults and kids
From Russian FederationLiving in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (17:57 UTC+03:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Jun 10, 2021
Interest topicWritingReadingHistoryMedical & HealthcareFilms & TV Series
I was born and live in St. Petersburg, Russia. I speak fluent Russian .

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205 Reviews

Student Ana
11 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Professor Makarov is an outstanding teacher. At the beginning of the first class, I knew zero Russian not even the alphabet, but by the end, I was making sentences. They were simple sentences, but I have been speaking Russian since class one! The classes are incredibly interactive, and the materials he sends after each session are extremely helpful. I am amazed to discover how many grammar rules Russian has, but I see my progress with each class. The classes are so motivating, making every step of the learning process enjoyable and rewarding.
Jul 19, 2024
Student Werner
51 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I can fully recommend Kirill. He provides good material and also takes care that stuff we learned is repeated. He also customize material based on the content where I had problems with. Thank you Kirill!
Apr 17, 2024
Student Charles Han
Charles Han
2 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Awesome lesson as usual. Kiril had several, different types of activities for exercises, e.g., translating Russian> English and English > Russian, describing pictures, and multiple choice exercises on interpretations of questions. All very engaging and effective. Thank you for your help. See you at the next lesson.
Apr 20, 2022
Student Mark
38 Russian lessons
A thought-provoking and challenging lesson!
Jul 23, 2024
Student Shahar Margalit
Shahar Margalit
11 Russian lessons
I had a great time learning Russian with Kirill :) The lessons were a diverse balance of normal life topics and making up stories. Some of the topics were: - eating out - describing a daily routine - work and social life - music I enjoy (in Russian but not only) - the weather - news and politics - hanging out with friends, As diverse as they were, many lessons followed a pattern I enjoyed: 1. Discuss what's new in our lives/countries 2. read a short story in English and translate to Russian (sentence by sentence) 3. make up a similar dialog on my own in Russian. In addition, Kirill provided me with Quizlet flashcards of the past lesson, so I could make sure I remember what I've learned. I might not speak very well yet, but I feel like I've improved greatly. Using active learning methods, making them personalized and fun, and also making up funny stories made - all made the personal lessons enjoyable and helpful for learning :) Go ahead and book a lesson to try!
Jul 19, 2024
Student Antonello
1 Russian lesson
We discussed about plans and how to work with my weaknesess, a teacher that I will seriously consder it to fix my weak points and improve further my Russian
Jul 13, 2024
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