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🎙My podcast🎙 5/29 updated Spotify💚 https://open.spotify.com/show/66FbAtCFsMiF6d99fKuoHy Apple podcast 💜 https://podcasts.apple.com/jp/podcast/lisas-japanese-podcast/id1607870617 🩵Instagram🩵 https://www.instagram.com/japanese_with_lisa?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igsh=ZDNlZDc0MzIxNw== Hello everyone! This is Lisa🥰 I was born and currently living in Niigata prefecture, Japan. I've lived 🏡 Victoria, B.C. Canada Traveled ✈️ Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Phillipines, Malaysia, Australia Love 💗 Traveling, Nail arts, Japanese Sake and K-pop I was born and grew up in Japan. I speak standard accent Japanese. I have a cute dog named Marron.🐶

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436 Reviews

Student Chad
172 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lessons with Lisaさん are the highlight of my day. Lisaさん has a fantastic, kind, and uplifting personality; and as a result, she makes all lessons fun. Additionally, she is a great teacher that adeptly sets her speaking level to my own while also introducing me to new vocabulary and grammar. I've seen a lot of different teachers on iTalki and Lisaさん is amongst a very small percentage that will transcribe newly introduced words in kanji, kana and English (most teachers will only write in kanji and kana). This makes it so incredibly easy for me to input the newly introduced words into my flashcard application. It's really difficult to find a teacher that has a great personality, great teaching skills and writes out new words in such a comprehensive way. I feel very lucky that I found Lisaさん as my iTalki teacher.
Apr 29, 2023
Student Steve
177 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lisa is my favorite Italki teacher (I've tried like 15+). She is very patient and encouraging, she is funny and friendly, she's good at teaching (in English when needed), and she sends the best, most detailed notes after the lessons. We've done close to 70 lessons now! I'm very grateful to have found such a good teacher!
May 23, 2022
Student niko
207 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
理紗さん每次都把课程内容和上课节奏安排的很好。重要且困难的语法点,她总结简化后,用学生容易理解的方式呈现在了ppt上,她对于知识点的解释非常得简洁有力易懂。在课堂上,互动性得到了充分的体现。她会和我一起将我们学习的句子、表达方式,带入生活实情中造句,顺带延伸教我一些日常口语表达和新语法点。 理紗さん比起说是老师,她更像是一位健谈友好的朋友,会与学生分享新潮有趣的文化、实事。另外、她的英文很好而且很耐心,完全不用担心交流问题,跟着她的思路学习,气氛活跃,整节课学下来有收获、欣喜,因此对课程兴趣浓厚。非常推荐和她一起学习~ 本当にありがとうございました!!
Apr 25, 2022
Student William Franklin
William Franklin
36 Japanese lessons
Super helpful lesson. Thank you so much!
Jun 20, 2024
Student William Franklin
William Franklin
36 Japanese lessons
Fantastic lesson as always. Thank you Lisa Sensei!
Jun 17, 2024
Student Ethan Bruton
Ethan Bruton
1 Japanese lesson
Lisa was awesome! This was my first italki lesson and she did a great job of explaining things when I got stuck, while letting me also figure things out as needed. She was very patient, so I didn't feel any pressure to speed through things, and being able to switch to English as needed was very beneficial. The post-lesson messages with better ways of saying what. I couldn't figure out how to say were very helpful. Overall, it was a really great tutoring experience!
Jun 9, 2024
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