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Certified Russian teacher with a passion for language learning)
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italki teacher since Mar 11, 2022
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Hey! If you want to learn Russian in a fun way focusing on practical skills without boring memorization, I would love to help you with this. I'm Kanykei from Kyrgyzstan. My native language is Russian. Some facts about me: - I currently teach English, and I'm a certified Russian teacher. - I'm also learning French at the moment.

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Russian structured lessons │ Структурированные уроки русского языка
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347 Reviews

Student Daniel LaBrash
Daniel LaBrash
103 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kanykei is an excellent tutor. She is very punctual and organized. I appreciate that she is patient and adapts to her students' needs. She seems to be a genuinely caring person who is interested in helping you learn a language. She is very comfortable to work with and I do not feel awkward in making mistakes.
Jun 6, 2023
Student Jang Hyongwook
Jang Hyongwook
101 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kanykei is the best teacher for beginner. Thanks to her kind explanation and patient attitude, I've learned basic grammars and started to make sentences using them. Also she offers tailored lesson. She prepares the material just for your level of Russian, and she encourages me to speak even though it would be very basic, broken sentences. Before I met her, I had felt that I never communicate using Russian, but now I dream to chat in Russia someday. Big thanks to her!
Aug 10, 2022
Student Amir Golan
Amir Golan
82 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kanykei is a really great teacher! The time with her is flying fast - she's so fun to talk with. And she makes sure not only to teach me new words, but also to integrate them in my vocabulary. Learning Russian has never seemed to be as fun as with her!
Jul 13, 2022
Student Megan Williams
Megan Williams
1 Russian lesson
This were my first lesson of Russian after some time from it. She made me feel comfortable and helped me to break down the syllables of the word to help me with pronunciation. She were patient and very helpful. I will be continuing with using her as my Russian tutor🤗
Jun 14, 2024
Student Mike Surinak
Mike Surinak
8 Russian lessons
Always fun to chat w her! She is so good at being patient and encouraging me - that’s the true sign of a great teacher :)
May 24, 2024
Student joe.witcher
5 Russian lessons
I am only two lessons in with Kanykei but they have been great so far! I am excited to be learning Russian with her. The initial two lessons had a nice structure to them and we were able to spend a lot of time not only learning grammar but also practicing speaking and listening in repetition. Looking forward to more lessons!
May 8, 2024
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